domenica 22 marzo 2015

Graphic 45 Design Team Audition 2015

I have been struggling with words for like hours. This post you're about to read is about something that means SO much to me. I am thrilled and scared and excited all at the same time. But I can do it! :) I know this might seem a bit hell-bent but you always have to fight for the things you love, don’t you? And so, I thought, why not?

These are my submissions for the Graphic 45 Design Team
Yay! I said that! I let it out!

Yes, you know those wonderful papers that with every new collection have us dreaming about past worlds

… those papers so incredibly elegant and refined that we often are afraid to touch… not to mention to use…

…those wonderful collections so well-made and so richly detailed that always make us conjure up new and unexpected creations…

…those wonderful papers that first I love to leaf through to feel their smell and texture, and then imagine they come alive and tell new stories.

Well, exactly those.
So...without further ado ... here are my submissions! 



Project number 1 -  Sweet Sentiments - Spring Showcase

Do you like these butterflies? Well my cat certainly does,
as he ripped every single one 
away and I had to glue them back on.

Project number 2 - Couture LightBox

The starting point of this project is the SYNAS lamp purchased at Ikea.  
An LED lamp that looks like a cube completely transparent.
It's a lamp... a miniature 3D scene... and also a hiding place for a secret diary.

The diary, removed from its little special place.
The lamp switched on!

Project number 2/a - Nutcracker Sweet LightBox

This project, just like the other one, conceals a small notebook...  

Project number 3 - Home Sweet Home - Recipe Stand 

(whit 12x12 Easel Album)

An album that doubles as a recipe stand. The place to collect our recipes, magazine clippings, 
that recipe that our friend dictated over the phone and  
we pinned on the first slip of paper that we found at hand :-)

Every page is devoted to a recipe category - entrées, main courses, etc.

All pages have a large pocket to gather our recipes into.

On the back there's a clear plastic pocket to hold the recipe  
we're going to cook and keep it safe from spills and stains :-)

Project number 4 - Steampunk Spells - Collection folio

Project number 5 - Altered Jewellery Box

This is a project that I like to share even if I did not developed it using a Graphic 45 collection.
The flowers are made from a zipper and a soft drink can (cut open and embossed).
The burnt out bulb comes from my car (grrrrrrrr!!!!)
The metal parts were purchased at a hardware shop.

That's all!!!! Thank you for reading and see you soon!